College Bound Charters helped me to get into the college of my choice. Without them I don’t think I would have gotten noticed. There services have given me an edge in the college application process. They got to know me, and they also got me know many of the staff at my desired school.
— Student
We were amazed at the amount of information that we did not know. Each time we spoke with them, we learned something new.
— Parents
College Bound Charters allowed me to flouish and express my dreams while exposing me to various career opportunities. College Bound Charters was my guiding light to success.
— Student
How can I ever thank you for helping us? Your energy, wisdom and practical advice were powerful and helpful, to say nothing of genuine and real. Thank you!
— Parent
College is a scary thing. As exciting as the whole experience can be, it can be very stressful while trying to balance school work, sports, a job, and other responsibilities. If it were not for College Bound Charters being my backbone through this whole process, I would not be where I am now. They were there at every beck and call of mine, whether I needed someone to review my common application or needed a great set of eyes to edit my college essays and give me incredible feedback. Due to the extra helping hand they provided during the entire process, which caused me to get everything in nice and early with no errors, I was accepted to the school of my dreams, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. After being accepted, they were still prevalent in sending me information on different scholarships and connections for my endeavors in college and eventually my career. When it came time to fill out all the financial paperwork, an accountant from their team came personally to my house to make sure everything was filled out correctly so that I could receive the most accurate amount of funding towards college. I have made lifelongconnections with Cris and her team of dedicated people. My family and I are so happy with everything they have done for them and my future. It was an excellent experience!
— Student