Those who read the résumé will gain insight into your special and unique qualities. With our help, we develop a comprehensive résumé that includes information that helps teachers and guidance counselors write a better recommendation for the student. We include specific interests, extracurricular activities, work experience and unique accomplishments and any other additional information that supports the student's candidacy for a select school. 


The College Admission Resume may seem like a daunting process, but the most difficult part is getting started.   We get the student beyond procrastination and help them compile information in a logical way that highlights the student's achievements. Finally, we edit, rewrite, revise your resume so that it is clearly reflects the student's accomplishments.

As part of our services, we help the student develop a college admissions résumé that provides a snapshot of the "REAL" you.  We take the time to help the student recall and organize their interests, passions, achievements, and contributions both in and out of the classroom into an accurate timeline.